About Us

HealthmarkIT is rooted in a culture of
quality, integrity, transparency, and commitment

We are a highly agile organization that brings years of success and consistency rarely found in Healthcare IT consulting. With our highly experienced and proficient consultants, HealthmarkIT can be trusted to alleviate your organization’s needs by ensuring you have the highest quality of individuals to fulfill your needs. In keeping business simple, our clients and consultants can focus on what they do best, and place the organization in the best position possible.



HealthmarkIT employs healthcare IT professionals at all levels in order to meet our clients needs.

These individuals are leaders in their industry and are passionate about working within their specified field. They help deliver outstanding value and ensure efficient and effective results for our clients.



Our clients are partners of HealthmarkIT based on trust, transparency, and the highest level of integrity.

They trust that we will deliver on our promises, and do it with the highest level of quality, cost containment, and success as possible.